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SIR Phoenix Products: DRS2000

DRS2000 is a SIR database, data collection, management, reporting, and dispatching program. It is used in conjunction with either SIR Phoenix SIR services or with Leoma to provide complete SIR services.

DRS2000 - Daily Reporting System, Windows2000 version

  • Compatibility: 30+ tanks
  • Requirements: PC, modem, and telephone line(s)
  • Procedure: Daily, each store phones the DRS2000 PC at the manager/operator’s office and reports stick readings, meter readings, drops, etc., using an ordinary touch-tone telephone. This data is saved a secure DRS2000 database, and is administered by the manager/operator.
  • Reports and Modules:
    1. Preliminary EPA reports- Preview performance of tanks prior to SIR analysis
    2. Troubleshooting reports- Identify and correct data problems
    3. Inventory reports- Reconciliation of product on-hand
    4. Dispatching Module- Complete, powerful dispatching module
    5. Delivery reports- Drops per product/per site/ per day
  • SIR Reports provided via:
    1. SIR Phoenix SIR services - SIR Phoenix collects data each month (dial-up or ftp) and promptly returns SIR reports on convenient CD-ROM disks.
    2. Leoma - Manager/operator produces SIR reports in-house.



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