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  SIR Phoenix Products: Leoma®
Leoma® is a complete in-house SIR reporting system.

Leoma® advantages
  • In-house SIR allows larger companies to recover investment costs quickly.
  • Greater control over the SIR process.
  • Ability to preview SIR ratings prior to final SIR analysis.
  • Inventory reports identify problems early, resulting in better SIR ratings.
  • Operator’s chart fitting module included.
  • Enhanced Dispatcher’s module included.


  • Outstanding Features: Marketer/owner creates EPA reports in-house based on DRS2000® databases. Leoma® includes DRS2000® on an industrial grade Windows2000® PC
  • Suitability: 60+ tanks
  • Requirements: Telephone line(s)
  • Procedure: Daily, each store enters stick readings, meter readings, etc., using an ordinary touch-tone telephone
  • Reports and Modules:

      1. SIR reports
      2. Inventory reports
      3. Powerful Dispatching module
      4. Delivery reports

      5. Chart Fitting module



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