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Statistical Inventory Reconciliation
Advantages of our SIR service

Our SIR services share the primary advantage of all SIR methods -- minimal initial cost. Additionally, SIR Phoenix's monthly pricing is flexible. SIR Phoenix carefully examines SIR analyses each month to determine whether database errors are responsible for poor ratings. Finally, our reports are easy to understand and useful for managers.

  • No initial investment costs
  • Low, flexible monthly cost per tank
  • Free phone support
  • Free installation and configuration of DRS2000® module (30+ tanks)
  • Data is monitored monthly for correctness of chart fit and blend ratio
  • SIR Phoenix examines every potential Fail and Inconclusive rating to determine whether a Pass rating can be assigned with:
    • proper tank chart fitting of single tank systems
    • proper tank chart fitting of multiple tank systems
    • proper blend ratio assignment for blended product systems
  • Managers’ monthly Summary Report identifies:
    • systematic errors in data collection and data reporting
    • equipment malfunction and misconfiguration
    • out-of-calibration meters
    • suspicious losses
  • Managers’ monthly Chart Report provides an easy-to-understand graphical view of gains/losses for each tank.

Description of our SIR service

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