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  SIR Phoenix Services:
Statistical Inventory Reconciliation
Description of our SIR service

SIR Phoenix collaborates with the tank owner/operator. The tank owner/operator records and collects data, which is sent to SIR Phoenix. We analyze the data and return to the owner/operator monthly SIR reports. We believe strongly in working with our clients to resolve problems.

Data Collection:
Tank owners collect data daily data during the month.

Data Retrieval:
At the end of the month, owners with fewer than 30 tanks send SIR Phoenix data via e-mail, facsimile, diskette, or FTP. Owners with
DRS2000® (30+ tanks) may receive a dial-up call from SIR Phoenix for direct data file retrieval or they may FTP datafiles to SIR Phoenix.

SIR Analysis:
SIR Phoenix inspects the data and produces EPA-type compliance reports and manager’s reports.

Reports Return:
Depending on the number of tanks, reports are presented either on hardcopy (fewer than 30) or electronically(30+). Owners with fewer tanks will receive paper reports through U.S. Postal Service. Owners with more tanks will receive electronic reports through e-mail (PDF files) or the U.S. Postal Service (CD-ROM). Reports may also be retrieved from our FTP server.

Advantages of our SIR service

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